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Get a glimps to our amazing e-learning system, the features that its provide and check out our super user friendly system that gives you the best preperation expirience for the GRE Biochemistry, cell & molecular biology exam!

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This is the home screen, here you will see the exam that were purchased by you, and the option of upgrading them. Here you can jump straight into solving an exam without any delay.



One step before the exam begins you will see an instructions page, here you will be introduced to the functionality of the system and how to use it to the fullest.



This is the most important part of the system, here you follow your learning progress. you will have a visual presentation of your progress , you will get graphic presentation of how well you did in the exams, you will see if you got any better. You will be able to discover your weakness and practice it to perfection.



You can follow your progress by looking at the charts, you can focus on a topic by selecting it from the options below, and learn how good you are.



By selecting this option you will get to the part where you will face all the questions that you didn’t solve once more, you will be able to select a subject and review only the questions that you didn’t solve or were not sure of the solution.



This is the exam itself. Here you will answer the questions. You will have 3 sections just as in the real exam, you will have the option to pause the exam, in case you need, to mark questions for later and many more features.



Here you can change your personal settings, user name, password, you can also upgrade your exam package.


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